About Infinity Swimming Academy

Infinity Swimming Academy is affiliated to Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics and Swimming South Africa and is governed by their constitutions.

The Swimming Academy was started by David Glover in May 2016. It caters for swimmers who want to take part in competitive swimming.

Infinity also caters for Masters and Open Water swimmers.

Groups include Stroke, Fitness, Sub - Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors, Elite, Masters.

Infinity Swimming Academy has an amazing group of coaches who are passionate and enthusiastic about swimming and strive for the best for each and every swimmer.






My name is David Glover and I am a 38 years old. I have a passion for swimming and represented South Africa as a junior in the sport. I went to Perth in 1994 for the Junior Pan Pacific Schools games and continued swimming until the age of 22. I also won the Junior Victor Ludorum at SA Primary Schools and my best placing at Senior Nationals was 10th place. I swam for Aquabear swim club for all my years and was trained as a coach by Brian Elliott, the head coach of Aquabear.

I began my coaching at the age of 19 and started off going to peoples’ homes and teaching their little ones how to swim and be water safe. I did however, not have any specific course experience and taught them how to swim using my knowledge of what I learned at swimming and from shadowing Brian and other coaches. I also helped out at a school called VP Grey and coached their swimmers 3 times a week. Many of them were from under privileged backgrounds and quite a few of the swimmers I had to teach, taking them right back to the basics.

At the age of 21, I then started coaching for Aquabear and coached the juniors ( ages 8 – 11 ). I enjoyed coaching this age group and over 2 seasons, 2003 and 2004, my numbers increased from about 10 – 30. Over the next 2 years I then moved on with these swimmers and they started to perform at the Level 1, 2 and 3 competitions. From about 2006 and onwards my list of achievements as a coach included:

Swimmers winning more than 100 Eastern Province Championships medals over the years 2006 - 2011
Swimmers winning more than 20 medals at SA Primary Schools in numerous years
One of my swimmers winning the Victrix Ludorum at SA Primary Schools
Winning the National Level 2 Competition in 2009 ( then it was a National Competition, now it is regional )
In 2010 and 2011 at Level 3, I had swimmers winning many medals. 2011 was the best year for me in terms of the results my swimmers produced. In 2011 my female swimmers, especially in the breaststroke events, won many gold medals. Names of the swimmers included the likes of Jessica Liss, Genna Greevelink, Kirstyn Fourie, Michaela Barnes, Sarah Jorgensen and Kaleigh Graham.
In 2011 one of my swimmers won my first Senior nationals medal. It was won by Jessica Liss in the 200m breaststroke. She won bronze. I also won a few Youth medals with the best 2 coming from Kaleigh and Michaela winning gold in the 100m butterfly and 200m backstroke respectively.
In 2011, 2 of my swimmers were selected to represent South Africa and Zimbabwe at the World Junior Championships in Peru.
I also had a few swimmers selected to represent South Africa at the Zone galas. Names of some of these swimmers included Kirstie Engelke and Jeremy Ward.
Stopped coaching for a little while and started again in 2014.
In 2016 my swimmers won numerous medals at SA level 1, 2, 3 as well as qualified for Youth Nationals. I was also selected to represent South Africa as a coach and went to Angola with the Cana team to Angola.
In 2017 I had a swimmer being selected for the SA Junior swimming squad. Infinity also finished in the top 10 clubs at SA Junior Nationals out of more than 90 other swimming clubs around the country.
In 2018, I had a swimmer represent SA at the Commonwealth Games. This was the highlight of my swimming career with my swimmer, Kaylene Corbett, making the final. She has since moved onto TUKS to further her career. She was also my first Senior National Champion.
I also had numerous medal winners at all the Levels as well as had a few SA Champions.
Many of my swimmers in the 2018/2019 season and 2019/2020 season were also selected for SA Open Water squads and Cana Zone teams
In both the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 season Infinity were the club champions at the Nelson Mandela Bay Prize Giving.
In the 2019/2020 season we had incredible results at all the Levels and had many swimmers performing well at SA Senior Short Course as well as the local galas. I had over 10 swimmers qualifying for Senior Nationals in this season. This was so exciting for me!!!

I am also a swimming coach and teacher at St George’s Prep School in Port Elizabeth. I am the head of swimming at the school and in the 2013/2014 season we won the best co-ed school prize, scoring the most points over the season. This is an amazing achievement for our school as we are a very small private school with far less swimmers to choose from than the rest of Port Elizabeth.

I opened Infinity Swimming Academy in May 2016 and the club has just finished its 4th season. At present I have about 90 registered swimmers in the club as well as about another 60 swimmers who are part of the academy. I am coaching children between the age of 7 and 22 as well as some Masters swimmers and am hoping to bring many of the younger swimmers through the ranks to represent South Africa one day. My dream is to one day take someone to the Olympics and I am passionate about helping improve the standard of South African Swimming to even greater heights.



I have been a swimmer for most of my life. My parents decided that I should go for lessons and learn to swim properly, and the rest, as they say, is history. A big deciding factor in my swimming career was when my Dad, older brother and I swam the Merrifield mile, my first open water swimming event at the age of 11. This event made me decide that I wanted to take swimming more seriously and race more open water events as well.

Swimming has become a big passion in my life, perhaps my main passion and it has been this way pretty much since I started swimming. It also helped having brothers who kept me on my toes and ready to compete (sibling rivalry can also be a good thing). Having a younger brother who is strong willed and determined helped me to develop my skills as a mentor and coach. I loved helping him and teaching him throughout the years, growing up. My older brother always provided the milestones that I, as an athlete, would’ve wanted to achieve by the time I had gotten to his age (or before). We both understood that and there was never any jealousy or bad blood between any of us (I believe that this is the biggest lesson to learn as a young athlete). It helps that my parents were and continue to be extremely supportive in any of our endeavours. They have taught me extremely well when it comes to dealing with, nurturing and assisting individuals to the best of my ability as well as helping others become the best possible version of themselves, not only in the swimming pool but in life, school and the workplace. As an athlete I have worked with a few coaches throughout my swimming career, namely Vionne Skinner of Harlequins aquatics, Matthew Palmer of Ultimate Swim club and currently working with Dave, Sam and Bryce at Infinity.

Vionne, or V as we call her (also a former elite level athlete), instilled a love for the sport in me and the rest of her swimmers while managing to teach us how to train and swim correctly. Matt is incredibly knowledgeable and taught me and the other swimmers how to race tactically and efficiently with the correct stroke and technique while sharpening our skills mentally and physically (also a former elite level athlete). Right now, I am learning and continue to learn from the coaches and swimmers I work with, as I believe that being open to new experiences and knowledge is imperative to achieving success.

Some of my sporting achievements are listed below:

Won a series of open water events in and around the Buffalo City district between 2009 and 2015, including a 2nd place finish in the mako 5km swim, top 3 positions in the Merrifield mile, EC open water circuit swims, Knysna mile, Marina (Martinique mile) and Zsports ocean series 3km event.
Participated in many triathlon teams for the sunshine coast Triathlon (and few others)
Previously represented Border/Buffalo City in swimming from 2009 until 2015.
Previously represented Border in water polo from 2010 to 2013 after which I was selected to attend the SA training camp in 2013.
Previously represented Border/Buffalo City for Biathle and Biathlon intermittently from 2010 to 2014.
Former member of the Eastern Province swimming team.
Former competitor at the SA National age group championships from 2009 until 2013.
Qualified for SA national Short course champs in 2013, 2014 and 2015 (did not compete)
Qualified to compete at the SA national open water champs from 2010 to (have not Competed, to date)
Former member of the South African Junior Tier 4 swimming squad set to train and compete in Cairo, Egypt. (later cancelled due to political unrest) (2013; junior member in 2011)
Former member of the South African Junior tier 4 swimming team that travelled to Luanda Angola and participated in the Cana zone 4 swimming championships (2015).
Earned the Principal's medal for Sustained Excellence in Sport for Swimming.



Sam loves children and helping them achieve their full potential and is passionate about swimming from Learn to Swim to Senior Nationals Level. She swam her first 50m gala aged 5 and couldn't get enough of the sport. She got her provincial colours every year from 8. She competed at seniors’ nationals aged 15, 16 and 17. At 19 she competed for Durban surf at world lifesaving rescue '96. Her team got gold in the ball throwing event, she got 6th in the 50m dummy tow and 8th in the surf swim. Durban surf won the still water section and came second overall. She also had provincial colours for Biathlon and loved open water events. Her best was 2nd in the Midmar mile U13. Sam has been Learn to Swim qualified since 2001 and coaching since 2012.



As a child I was always in the water. I learnt to swim when my uncle promised to catch me if I jumped into the deep end. He didn’t and I fell to the bottom. The next day my parents couldn’t get me out of the water as I was now hooked. I swam my first gala in Grade R and won every race I competed in. When High School came, I chose swimming as the only sport and my dream was to compete at the Olympics. I majored in backstroke and was near the top of my age group in Border. I also competed at SA Short Course and SA Senior Nationals. After going through a few tough times, I decided that I was not going to make the Olympics and stopped swimming. I then took up the amazing opportunity to coach at Infinity with David. Now I have the same dream, still the Olympics, but not me anymore, but one of the extremely talented swimmers at Infinity Swimming Academy.